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These are the projects that I have worked on over the years. #


Overwatch Tools

··45 words·1 min
A toolkit for overwatch players

Img to PDF converter

··108 words·1 min
Converts img files into PDF files

Reversi Simulator

··50 words·1 min
A Reversi game coded in python


Code2Gather: Mock Interview Practice

··196 words·1 min
A CS3219 Project Code2Gather: Complete mock interviews with others and get live feedback


··158 words·1 min
An app to stream videos to your raspberry pi

SSRF Research

··45 words·1 min
A Research Project for CS4239

Beyond Health Hack 2021

··79 words·1 min
Beyond Health Hack 2021: A Django based web application to help people with their mental health.

QR Scanner

··322 words·2 mins
A QR Code scanner with minimalist UI