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Wen Junhua (Jh123x)

Wen Junhua (Jh123x)

Full Time Coder, Part Time Blogger

Welcome to my blog #

👋 Hey everyone! I’m Junhua, a recent graduate turned blogger. Join me in my virtual space where I share various posts based on my explored interest.

🖥️ Having spent countless hours coding and navigating algorithms, I’m documenting my journey and discoveries. My home lab is a hub for tech experiments, from hardware projects to software explorations.

📆 While daily posts aren’t guaranteed, I commit to sharing thoughts semi-regularly. Let’s explore the digital universe together and foster a community of shared knowledge.

🚀 Your thoughts are valuable! I’m eager to build a community where we learn from each other. Share your suggestions, burning questions, or topics you’d like me to cover. Let’s make this blog a hub for collaboration and shared enthusiasm for all things tech! 🚀✨

If you are here for my NUS related posts, the content has been migrated to a new site.

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Graduate Employment Survey 2024

··269 words·2 mins
Analyzing the Graduate Employment Survey 2024, trends, insights and visualizations

Golang Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)

·1074 words·6 mins
Golang Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) is a compiler optimization technique that uses the profile data generated by running the application to guide the optimization process.

Proxmox: How to Upload an ISO

·501 words·3 mins
Uploading an ISO onto your Proxmox Server and making it available for use in your Proxmox VMs