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Wen Junhua (Jh123x)

Wen Junhua (Jh123x)

Full Time Student Coder, Part Time Blogger

Welcome to my blog #

Feel free to explore and join me on my journey in Computer Science through my blog, code and fun activities. Hop along for the ride!

If there is anything you would like to see / any information that you do not think is correct, please let me know!

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Other pages #

1 about python visually through drag and drop
2https://portfolio.jh123x.comMy Portfolio Site
3https://overwatch.jh123x.comOverwatch Tools
4Jh123x Blog UpdatesReceive notifications when there is a new post on my blog
5AITA Telegram ChannelA channel that provides the juciest r/AmITheAsshole posts hourly
6https://telebot.jh123x.comBrowser based Telegram Bot Maker
7Medium WebsiteMy Medium Website


Django Testing

·1297 words·7 mins
Testing any Django application

A Live Countdown Telegram Bot

·1123 words·6 mins
A Live Countdown Telegram Bot for tracking your deadlines and how to make it yourself