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Wen Junhua (Jh123x)

Wen Junhua (Jh123x)

Full Time Coder, Part Time Blogger

Welcome to my blog #

👋 Hey everyone! I’m Junhua, a recent graduate turned blogger. Join me in my virtual space where I share various posts based on my explored interest.

🖥️ Having spent countless hours coding and navigating algorithms, I’m documenting my journey and discoveries. My home lab is a hub for tech experiments, from hardware projects to software explorations.

📆 While daily posts aren’t guaranteed, I commit to sharing thoughts semi-regularly. Let’s explore the digital universe together and foster a community of shared knowledge.

If you are here for my NUS related posts, the content has been migrated to a new site.

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GreyCTF 2024 Baby Web

··748 words·4 mins
GreyCTF 2024 Baby Web Challenge

Github as Cron

··555 words·3 mins
Using Github as a cronjob replacement.