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Wen Junhua (Jh123x)

Wen Junhua (Jh123x)

Full Time Coder, Part Time Blogger

Welcome to my blog #

Feel free to explore and join me on my journey in Computer Science through my blog, code and fun activities. Hop along for the ride!

If there is anything you would like to see / any information that you think is incorrect, please inform me through any of my socials.

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My linked pages #

1PortfolioMy Portfolio Site
2AITA Telegram ChannelA channel that provides hourly r/AmITheAsshole posts
3Medium WebsiteMy Medium Website
4Honkai Star Rail code botA bot that finds codes for Honkai Star Rail


Home lab: Traefik

·1385 words·7 mins
Setting up a base to your different services

Home lab

·465 words·3 mins
Learning more about networking / infrastructure as code while having fun

Japan Trip

·1226 words·6 mins
My Graduation Japan trip