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Telegram live timer bot

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What is it #

This is a telegram bot that allows the user to have a “live” countdown on the event that they want to have.

Quick start #

  1. Download this repository
  2. Install the dependencies using python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Create a .env file with the template here
  4. Start the application by running python Bot at the root directory.

Creating your .env file #

API_HASH=<Your API Hash>
BOT_TOKEN=<Your Bot Token>
  1. Copy the template above (Note that there is no space between the = and the id itself)
  2. Get your API_ID and API_HASH here
  3. Get your BOT_TOKEN from @botfather here

Note: #

  1. Note that once you turn off the bot, all the event information is lost. (This might be a feature to be added in the future)

Contributing to the Project #

Feel free to send in a pull request.

Using the project #

To Use this project, please add this line into your readme.

Referenced from [Jh123x Timer bot]( "Telegram Timer Bot")

Tech Stack #