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Code2Gather: Mock Interview Practice

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Overview #

Code2Gather is designed to help programmers to secure internships and jobs by facilitating mock interviews. It allows you to focus on practicing, instead of spending time finding people to practice with.

On our platform, you can simply select a question difficulty that you wish to attempt, and we will match you with a suitable mock interview partner! No need to worry about the questions or channels for feedback - Code2Gather will settle everything for you.

Team Members #

Members of CS3219 Team 32:

Demo Video

Project Requirements #

This project requires Docker and Docker Compose to be installed. We will be using the docker-compose family of commands.

We will also have some local dependencies to help with developer UX. This will require the following:

Installation #

First, clone this repository:

git clone

Then, navigate to the project root and install the dependencies:

cd Code2Gather
yarn install-all
# Or if your machine cannot cope with the installations being run parallel,
# you can run `yarn install-all-ci` instead, which does things sequentially

Please do not navigate to the packages/services individually! This single yarn install-all will do the trick.