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Streaming project #

This project has 2 parts Front end: An application to send links to the rasp-pi to play the video from your mobile phone Back end: On the rasp pi to play the video based on the link that is sent

Requirements for rasp pi: #

  1. Requires VLC to be downloaded and updated.
  2. Flask to be installed
    • Can be done by running python -m pip install flask on the raspberry pi terminal

How to use #

  1. Download the .apk file to your android device here
  2. Clone the backend files to your raspberry pi
  3. Run the with python 3.
  4. Visit raspberrypi.local:8080 to see the ip address of the rasp pi
  5. Control the device using the application on your phone after keying in the ip address seen from above
  6. Links can be retrieved using the share -> copy link function from youtube

Know Issues so far: #

  1. Does not work with music videos