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Block Chain Kinda?

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Block chain #

Recently, I am trying to explore the world of block chain. I was wondering how all of the block chain things works and how are they able to execute different things and how they work as a whole.

What I did #

So what did I do? In normal me fashion, I went to make to a github repository to explore this topic. You can find the link to the repository here

How does it work? #

Block chain
Concept Blocks

The diagram above hows how each of the block chain connects to one another. There is a head chain where it will contain the reference to the child. This is very similar to a doubly linked list. Each of the child will contain a reference to the parent as well as the subsequent child.

What does each node do? #

UML for block chain emulation
UML Diagram

For each node, it will store its transaction, the parent node, the parent hash as well as the child node. By storing this information it prevents reordering as the hashes of the parents will not match anymore and can be caught.

If any of the values change, the child node will be able to detect that the parent’s hash is off and detect the error.

Limitations #

In the current implementation of the block chain, there are no mechanism to solve the issue or rehashing everything on the chain. For bitcoin, the hash must fulfill a certain condition for it to be valid and there is a section where the user can change it so that the hash can fulfill the criteria.

Thats all for today. Until next time!