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Shaking up the UI

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After showing this page around to my friends, they were laughing at how badly the webpage was designed :"(. Well, I’ll show them I can improve the UI for this page (I hope?).

There are 2 ways that I was attempting to improve the UI:

  1. Code out a page using react
  2. Use a theme from bootstrap

During my initial attempt, I wanted to make the website using react itself. Given that I do not have much background when coding in react-js, my first few attempts looked worst than the bootstrap version that I have… Somehow I thought that doing it in react will automatically make the website look a lot better than what is already is.

Given that I have a lot to learn in this aspect of coding (AKA Frontend), I guess I will practice it a bit more next time. For now, I guess I will take a look at bootstrap themes and figure something out from there (hopefully).

During my hunt for different bootstrap themes, I stumbled upon these few websites which have free bootstrap themes available.

  1. startbootstrap
  2. bootstrapmade
  3. creative-tim

Looking through all of the websites, I found a theme that I liked. I decided to go with the clean blog theme from here.

So it begins the part where I convert the theme into Django style with everything all hooked up. Now we are with this new theme.

The theme from this website was adapted from here (Update, the theme is different now).