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More interpreters (Brainf*ck)

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During my exchange program, after going through a few lessons in school and decided to make a BrainF*ck interpreter. You can find the link to the interpreter here

BrainF*ck is a programming language that is designed to be hard to read and under the category of esoteric programming language it aims to remove all normal language features while maintaining the language to be turing complete.

So in this case BrainF*ck consists of a few different operators represented in the table below. It consists of 8 basic commands.

SymbolWhat it Means
>Increment the data pointer
<Decrement the data pointer
+Increment the byte at the data pointer
-Decrement the byte at the data pointer
.Output the byte at the data pointer (Stdout in char form)
,Accept one byte of input and store it at the data pointer
[If the byte at the pointer is 0, jump to the end of the ]
]Move the instruction pointer forward if data pointer is 0 otherwise loop back to the [

What is interesting about the language is that it only consists a small set of symbols but it can be used to code any required program.

Hue hue time to continue and discover more stuff about the amazing world of programming languages. Stay tuned for more :D