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Some updates on life

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Well hello guys, I finally have time to work on this website again. Internship has been really busy ><. I hope I can do my best and conquer all the tasks that they have given to me. Not sure when is the next weekend when I am free to do this again so we’ll see how it goes :D

Some updates (or rather goals :D) #

Created a quiz section for me to make more quizzes #

Let’s see how it goes from there XD. I might even create some quizzes on random stuff to spice up the website You can try the simple maff quiz in the quiz section for now :D

Future me edit: This was removed

Learnt about Django #

Andd I am reallyyyyy (really really * 30) tempted to change to Django so that it is easier for me to add content to the page. I might actually get to do that after my internship. It might take me tons of hours to actually do it >< (Hopefully not)

Learnt Golang during intern :D #

It is like a different type of C with many more cooler features :D. I kinda just need to read up on more of the libraries and code more to get better at it.

There is even an online playground for us to test out go code here

It has lightweight threads which are very simple to use A simple example here:

package main

import (

func main() {

   //These 2 print statements are in separate threads
   go fmt.Println("Hello")
   go fmt.Println("World")


Just by using the go keyword, it will execute it in a separate thread.

General Feels #

Feeling a little burnt out from coding during intern. Maybe it’s just because of the language and a new environment. Hopefully, after doing it more, I will become more comfortable in doing it and perform better :D.

&ldquo;I got this&rdquo; baby meme
I got this meme

On the other hand, it has corrected my body clock a lot and made me sleep at more regular hours :D. I kind of miss school too but as they all say, the grass is greener on the other side. When I go back to school I will probably me missing intern.

Just grateful for the opportunities that I have now.

Just some random life things…

C yall in the next post :D