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Life of a software engineering intern.

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Before actually getting a job as a software engineering intern, I always thought that software engineering is like a bed of roses. Being able to make software and making them work always had given me a sense of accomplishment. Now that I have actually joined one, I have a newfound respect for those who are working in this role. Let’s have a comparison between what I thought before and after I joined my internship.

(Disclaimer: This is just in my opinion) #

Expectations #

  1. There will be enough time to complete the task.
  2. Tech stack will not be too hard to learn on the job
  3. Enterprise code is the pinnacle of clean code
  4. The learning experience is great!

Reality #

  1. There are time crunches where there is not enough time to complete the task that is given at hand
  2. Tech stack can be a headache to learn especially if they are in a language that you are not familiar with
  3. That might not be true depending on when the code is produced/was there a time crunch
  4. The learning experience is PAINFUL and great!

Michael Scott so what action
So what Michael Scott

You may find it different depending on what type of software development philosophy they follow. For more information, you can take a look here

Maybe it is because I just started on the job. Maybe if I spend more time on it I will be able to adapt and the expectations can become reality if I get better at it :D

Welp time to go back to the intern.