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Migrating to Django from flask

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The big day has come, I am finally migrating to Django!

Many of you must be wondering why I am doing this right? Let me list down a list of reasons why I am doing so :D

Why I am migrating to Django:

  1. It is very hard to add blog posts in the current implementation of Flask. Django has built-in administrative features that allow me to extend the application based on my own needs.
  2. It is easier to extend and add more features in Django compared to Flask.
  3. Take a chance to remove some useless features (Crypto stuff?)
  4. For fun?????

As such, my blog will now be shrunk down to a smaller subset of what it was before. However, don’t worry :D I will eventually be adding everything back in step by step.

These are the current features on the horizon:

  1. Content Security Policy (CSP)
  2. Search Feature (Restore back to old website state)
  3. Quiz Feature (Restore back to old website state)
  4. Poll Feature (New :D)

Hopefully, as I add in more features, it will slowly improve my programming skills and I will be on my way to being a better programmer.