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Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki & Teppan-yaki Kamehameha

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In this post, I will be reviewing Kamehameha, a restaurant which I visited during my trip to Japan.

Introduction #

The website includes the reservation form to book a reservation before going there.

My Experience #

One of the highlights of my 2 weeks trip to Japan was dining at this cozy and authentic Okonomiyaki restaurant. I had to visit it twice to get a taste of their famous Hiroshima style pancakes.

The first time I went there, I was greeted by a friendly waitress who apologized and told me they were fully booked for the night. I was disappointed but also intrigued by the popularity of the place. I decided to make a reservation for another day and come back.

The second time I went there, I was glad I had made a reservation. The restaurant was small and intimate, with only 12 seats around the counter. I could see the chef preparing the dishes with skill and care. The waitress explained that each reservation slot was 1.5 hours long, so I had plenty of time to enjoy my meal.

I ordered their Set A, which included an appetizer, a drink and a choice of Okonomiyaki. I chose the omelette for the appetizer, coke for the drink and the stamina Okonomiyaki for the main course. It was a savory pancake with pork and bonito flakes on top. I also added some beef as an extra topping.

I wanted to try their wagyu beef Okonomiyaki, which sounded amazing, but they had run out of it that day. Maybe next time.

As I ate, I noticed many tourists coming in and asking for a table. They all got the same answer: the restaurant was fully booked until next Tuesday. It was a Friday night. I felt lucky to have secured a spot at this hidden gem.

The set meal was delicious and satisfying. I loved the crispy edges and the soft center of the Okonomiyaki. The flavors were rich and balanced. The omelette and the beef were also tasty and complemented the main dish well.

It was one of the best meals I had in Japan. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves Okonomiyaki or wants to try something different.

The good #

I had a wonderful dining experience at this place. The staff were young and friendly, and they spoke fluent English. They made me feel welcome and comfortable.

I sat at the bar counter and watched them prepare my food with passion and skill. The smell of the ingredients was mouthwatering and made me eager to taste them.

The set meal was worth every yen. It was delicious and satisfying. I could customize it to my preferences and dietary needs. They had vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat.

It was a great place to enjoy good food and good company. I would definitely come back again.

The bad #

This place requires advance reservation. You have to book at least a day before (if you are lucky to find a slot). You have to plan your trip around this meal. This is not for anyone who likes spontaneity. The set meal costs 3000 Yen (About $30 SGD) which is quite pricey. The beef (~800 Yen) was nothing special. I have had better beef dishes in Singapore and other places in Japan.

Tips #

  1. Explicitly make plans to visit this restaurant and make a reservation for it.
  2. Come early to make full use of the available time to dine in (If you are a slow eater)

Some Pictures #

Side Dishes (Edamame + Tofu)
Side Dishes
Making Okonomiyaki / Vegetarian dumplings
Okonomiyaki Image
Completed Okonomiyaki
Cooked Dumplings
Vegan Dumplings
Cooked Hiroshima Yakisoba
Hiroshima Yaki Soba
Cooked Vegetarian Yakisoba
Vegetarian Hiroshima Yakisoba
Cooking the Beef
Beef preparation
Cooked Beef
Cooked Beef