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Kyoto Engine Ramen

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In this post, I will be reviewing Kyoto Engine Ramen, a ramen place which I visited during my Japan Trip.

Introduction #

My Experience #

I went to Japan for a 2-week trip and ate at the restaurant two times. Each time, I had to wait for about half an hour to 40 minutes in line before getting in.

The restaurant had a cozy space with a small bar counter that had 4 seats and a table area with 10 more seats.

The staff were friendly and spoke English well, so I had no trouble communicating with them.

The good #

If you are looking for a vegetarian or vegan ramen place, this is a good choice. They offer a variety of options to suit your preferences.

I am a meat lover, but I enjoyed their Char Siew ramen. It was as good as any other ramen place I have been to.

The first time I came here, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious both the meat and the vegetarian ramen were.

The bad #

The ramen here was more expensive than other places in Kyoto. We paid about 3,000 Yen (around 30 SGD) for two bowls. But the second time we came, the ramen soup tasted different. It had too much soy sauce and it ruined the flavor. The queue was also unpleasant. It was in a narrow alley with no sidewalk. We had to dodge cars that passed by and stand in a single file.

Tips #

  1. To skip the massive queue that accumulates, please arrive slightly earlier than dinner time (Maybe around 4.30pm - 5pm).
  2. If you plan to go there during dinner hours, there are vending machines nearby with drinks to help ease the waiting time, so do bring some coins.

Images #

Kyoto Engine Ramen