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Typescript HTTP Server

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HTTP Server in TypeScript #

HTTP Server in TypeScript is a project to create a HTTP Server using pure TypeScript.

This project is based off of the Build your own HTTP Server by

Features #

In this project, we have implemented the following.

  1. HTTP GET requests.
  2. HTTP POST requests.
  3. URL Path Parsing.
  4. /echo endpoint to echo the get request path.
  5. /user-agent endpoint to echo the user-agent of the request.
  6. Parallel computations.
  7. GET /files/<filename> endpoint to read the file and return the content.
  8. POST /files/<filename> endpoint to write the content to the file.
  9. Content encoding using gzip

Learning outcomes #

Through this project, I have learned the following.

  1. TypeScript
  2. HTTP Protocol
  3. Bun
  4. Jest