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QR Scanner

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This app is just like the other QR scanning applications. One fine day, I just decided that the other QR Scanning applications out there contained too much ads and decided to make one which does not contain any ads. There are only basic functions within the application and it is made for fun.

Some Context: #

In Singapore, the government has implemented something called “Safe Entry” where everyone who enters a crowded location will have to scan a QR Code in order to mark that they have entered that place.

How it began: #

This application was inspired when I realize that there were many QR scanning applications with a lot of advertisements. They were slow and took up too much time when I was trying to whip them out to scan a QR Code. There were generally long queues outside crowded areas where there were heaps of people outside who were scanning the code.

Needless to say, I was one of them. Initially, I was using an application on the Play Store (I use an android phone) which helps me scan QR Codes on my phone. However, the QR Code scanner was full of ads and take a few seconds to load before it is finally able to scan the QR code and give me the link that is required.

As a result of that, I decided to make a very simple application where there is minimal bloat and that the QR Code scanner runs as fast as possible. This will help me save time when I am trying to scan my QR code the next time I wanted to enter a crowded place.

The app is currently in the process of getting up on the google play store. For testing so far (By a small sample size, but do tell me how you feel about the application) it seems to run faster than typical QR Code scanning apps