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Generating Art with AI (And how to generate your own)

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Recently, the news was all hyped about generating art with AI. I was curious about how it works and how to generate my own art. So I decided to try it out.

For this article we will be looking at how make their AI generated art. We will also be looking at how to generate your own art on their website.

How it works #

They use an AI-Powered art generation too that turns text into amazing pictures. They make use of powerful GPUs to create the image in a relatively short amount of time.

There are 2 types of Machine learning models which are used by this studio.

  1. Neutral Style Transfer
  2. Text to image art generator

Neutral Style Transfer #

In this method, the AI takes in a picture and a style is chosen to for the AI to recreate the image in that particular style. This was the original method that was used to by NightCafe.

Text to image art generator #

In this method, a text to image art generator.

This one uses 2 open-source machine learning systems to make this work.

It deploys a Vector Quantized Generative Adversarial Network (VQGAN), a adversarial neural network that generates images, and a Contrastive Languageā€“Image Pre-training (CLIP) model, which judges whether the images matches the label that was used.

How to generate it yourself #

Steps #

  1. Visit Night Cafe Creator
  2. Type in what you want to see in the image that you want to generate (EG: Demon slayer)
  3. Choose a style that you want to create it in.
  4. Click on create
  5. Wait for the image to finish generating
  6. View the beautiful image that you have created

Even after you have created the image, you can make use of credits to continue evolving the image to a better version.

Note: This website makes use of credits When I first entered my prompt and generated the image. I was left with 4 credits. the credits limited the amount of art we can generate as well as the amount of evolutions we can go through for the image. (So spend them wisely)

Example Generated Art #

The description that I provided to the website was Demon slayer in a Cyberpunk setting. This image below was generated by the website.

AI Generated Art by Night Cafe

I would say it looks really cool. I would love to have this as a poster on my wall. What shocked me the most was that the image really gives off a cyberpunk vibe and feels like an actual movie poster for a upcoming cyberpunk movie. I will certainly not be able to create this by myself in any way.

However, the Demon Slayer theme was not really present within the image that was generated by the AI. Maybe through evolving the image, the AI will be able to generate images which more closely match the theme.

Other platforms for generating AI art #

There are also other platforms which allows the free generation of AI art.

  1. Artbreeder
  2. Wombo Art
  4. Starry AI
  5. Dall E

Maybe in the future I can use those and compare the different art styles which are generated by the different platforms. Stay tuned for that.

Conclusion #

I think this is a really cool way to generate art. I would love to see how this technology will evolve in the future and the amazing art which you guys will generate when you try them out.

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