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How I started a Website

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I was bored #

One fine day on 6/3/2021, I was bored as usual and did not know what to do about that boredom. Why not try to find domains that are cheap and start a small project? As someone who is still trying out Cyber Security, why not give it a go and get my hands dirty by trying to build a secure website with different functionalities? It might even help me with my academics!

The research process #

I looked through the internet to look at different domain providers and the different prices that they advertise. After looking through about a couple of them. I decided that (Due to my lack of $$ to spend) I should find one that can provide me a domain for free!

Setting up the domain #

After some searching, I found They somehow provided free domain hosting and it even had one with my github id. Lets just go with that and see how it goes :D.

So I made an account with freenom and got the domain (Not up anymore). Yay! Now I can do what I want with the domain.

Hmm so what do I do now? Welp lets just build something all websites have in common. A Homepage!

After much contemplation about what to do with the homepage, I somehow decided that it is best that I put my github front page on the homepage of the website. So thats how the homepage came about (LMAO)

Lets see how long I can keep up the blog. See you guys in the next chapter.