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POLI100 Intro American Democracy

·369 words·2 mins

Course information #

Why do Americans love democracy, but hate politics? Why are there only two political parties? Why do voters hate, yet respond to negative campaigning? This course will introduce students to politics in the United States, addressing these and many more questions about how American democracy works.

I took this course under Prof Jason M. Roberts in Spring 2022.

Schedule #

Mondays & Wednesdays

Lecture time slot: 10:10am - 11:00am

Recitation time slot: 3:35pm to 4:25pm

Course breakdown #

  • 3 Exams 45%
  • In class Responses 10%
  • Writing Assignments 20%
  • Recitation 25%
  • Research Participation (Required to pass the course)

In class responses were done via PollEv.

Prerequisites #

There are no prerequisites for this course

Course details #

The topics tested were:

  1. The constitution
  2. Federalism
  3. Congress
  4. Presidency
  5. Bureaucracy
  6. Judiciary
  7. Rights & Liberties
  8. Public Opinion
  9. Elections
  10. Participation
  11. Political Parties
  12. Economic Policy
  13. Social Policy
  14. Media

To prepare for each of the lessons there are some readings to be completed.

Assignments #

There were 2 different writing assignments.

Each of the assignments have to be 2-3 pages in length.

Late submissions will only be accepted if there is a valid excuse.

Ratings #

I was aiming for a pass and have 0 background on politics in the United States.

Workload 5/10 #

The workload was heavier than expected. As there was a lack of results indication, I spent a little more time than I liked on this course.

Organization 7/10 #

The course flowed in a relatively sensible manner. The previous topics which we learnt has concepts applicable to the concepts in the following topics.

Learning 5/10 #

I learnt more than I have expected. Things like the median voter theorem and the different policies used by the different parties in the United States in the past.

Enjoyment 4/10 #

I enjoyed the course more than what I have expected. Some of the contents were actually very interesting

Usefulness 8/10 #

As a Singaporean, some of the policies taught in the courses were also applicable locally here.

It also improves my understanding of the different political systems.

Overall 6/10 #

Overall I felt that the course was great for anyone who are interested in political science.

Final Grade: C+

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