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CFG1003 Financial Wellbeing-Introduction

·318 words·2 mins

Module information #

CFG1003 Financial Wellbeing-Introduction at the National University of Singapore (NUS) is a module that teaches us how to manage our finances.

Please note that this module is 0MCs and CS/CU Graded.

To pass, you will have to achieve 100% in the online course.

Schedule #

This module is own time own target. It is available as an online course. If you rush through the module, it will take approximately 2 hours.

Module breakdown #

Online course using PayMoolah 100%

Prerequisites #

There are no prerequisites for this module.

Module details #

The objectives are:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of managing your money including first things first principles around money decision-making.
  2. Explore topics such as the five pillars of money, automation, good and bad debt and explore the pathways to savings and investing.
  3. Know how to develop a plan for a flourishing life with core financial management practices, while managing the stresses of money in one’s daily life.

Online course #

The online course is similar to ones which you might see in Coursera or Udemy. We can learn at our own pace and our own time.

Ratings #

Workload 0/10 #

There is only one online course to complete. The workload is very very light.

Organization 7/10 #

This module is well organized.

Enjoyment 6/10 #

The module was engaging but not as engaging as it can be if it was held in person.

Usefulness 8/10 #

The content was very useful and provides many tips on how to save money by creating a budget.

They even provide a template for us to fill in.

Overall 7/10 #

Overall I found this module useful and great for anyone who wants to take it.

I will recommend this module to those who want to learn more about budgeting as well as those interested in Financial Wellbeing - Art and Science of Investing (CFG1004) as it is a prerequisite for that module.

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