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Unifi Dream Machine Pro

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In this review, I will be talking about the Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro). To get some background on how I eventually ended up with this router, feel free to check out the accompanying blog post

Specifications #

Unifi Dream Machine Pro
Unifi Dream Machine Pro

  1. Unifi OS
  2. Threat Management / Client Identification
  3. Ports
    • 8-Port Gigabit RJ45 LAN Ports
    • 1-Port 10G SFP+ LAN Port
    • 1-Port Gigabit RJ45 WAN Port
    • 1-Port 10G SFP+ WAN Port
  4. Managed Switch
  5. 3.9 kg
  6. 4GB DDR4 Ram
  7. 16GB eMMC Storage
  8. 1.3 Inch Touchscreen
  9. Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A57 Processor
  10. 1 HDD Bay

Requirements #

These were my requirements for a router before I eventually decided on the UDM Pro.

  1. 2.5GBps Ethernet backbone for other devices/internal services
  2. Wireless Mesh Network for the different areas of my house
  3. Easy to use/manage
  4. Guest Network
  5. VPN Network
  6. A way to monitor the network

The Unifi Ecosystem fulfills all of these requirements and I decided to go with this solution for my home network.

Review #

I have been using the Unifi Dream Machine Pro for slightly over a year. When it first arrived at my house, there was an issue where the UDM Pro will randomly stop working and refuses to reboot.

After some back and forth with the Ubiquiti support team, they eventually sent me a replacement unit.

Do note that if you face a similar situation as me, we will have to bear the shipping fees and other fees incurred with sending the faulty unit back to Ubiquiti.

After receiving the warranty unit, there were no issues after that.

Pros #

There were lots of ports available to connect my different devices to the UDM Pro.

The Unifi OS is also very easy to use. I managed to add 2 additional Vlans and add another wireless networks for my Guest devices.

The device works well with my Unifi Access Point and I have not faced any issues with the wireless network.

The phone app is also very easy to use and I can easily check the status of my network.

The Unifi UID is also very useful as I can easily access my network from anywhere through 1 tap without having to remember the IP address of my UDM Pro or setting up any port forwarding/VPN network.

Cons #

The router takes up a lot of space and the fan can be hear from a distance. I will not recommend placing the router in any living space unless you have a way to reduce the noise.

The price of the router is on the higher side for home networking.

Conclusion #

This router is not suitable for everyone as it is usually overkill.

However, I will definitely recommend this router if you requirements align with the features of the router.

It is a bonus if you are a tinkerer and will like to explore more features which are available on the Unifi OS and integrate it with the rest of your home lab.

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