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Dining and Cafe Yuba Komachi (ダイニングカフェ 湯波こまち)

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Introduction #

  • Name of Store: Dining and Cafe Yuba Komachi (ダイニングカフェ 湯波こまち)
  • Address: 〒 321-1406 Tochigi, Nikko, Matsubaracho, 255 ホテルヴィバ日光 1F
  • Payment Methods: Card/Cash
  • Languages Spoken: Japanese, English (Very Limited)
  • Website: N/A
  • Opening Hours: 12pm to 9pm

They do not have an official website, but you can reserve it on auto reserve

My Experience #

Outside restaurant
Outside of Yuba Komachi

During my December trip to Nikko, Japan, My girlfriend and I dropped by the diner when it was just opening up for dinner (Monday).

To our surprise, they offer some vegetarian dishes for us.

We ordered the following

  1. Coke (Glass bottled)
  2. Pork Set
  3. Yuba rice bowl (Vegetarian)
  4. Cheese Balls (Vegetarian)

The store is relatively empty when we arrived and we had almost the entire place for ourselves.

To view the full menu, refer to the menu below.

Cheese Balls (680 Yen) #

We bought this as a set to share in the store. It was vegetarian.

It comes as a set of 5 cheese balls with a lettuce slice and tomato sauce on the side.

The outside of the cheese ball was crispy and the insides were very cheesy. If it has just been served to you, please take note that the inside of the cheese balls might be very hot and take note not to eat it immediately and allow it some time to cool down

Pork Set (1800 Yen) #

Pork Set
Pork set

This is the most priciest set that we got for today. This set includes the following:

  1. A Tomato soup with Yuba (contains chicken as well)
  2. Pork cutlet (Cooked with garlic) with a side of wedges and salad

The soup was very tomatoey and would definitely be nice to anyone who likes tomatoes in general.

The pork cutlet was amazing. Even though the set meal is worth 1800Yen, I feel like it can be priced at a higher price point based on its taste. The edges of the pork cutlet were soft and melts in the mouth. It was also very tender and offers a very nice mouth feel. This is similar to other pork dishes that has been sous vide for more than 3 hours.

There were some parts in the middle of the cutlet that were slightly overcooked.

Yuba Rice bowl (980 Yen) #

Yuba Bowl
TBC Image of Yuba Bowl

The Yuba Rice bowl was very tasty too. The rice bowl is similar in style to an Oyako Don.

There is a mix of onions, eggs and yuba within the rice bowl to make up the dishes within it. The taste of the rice bowl is savoury with a mix of crunchy and soft bits.

The crunchiness stems from the onions and the outer skin of the fried yuba while the soft parts are from the egg, rice and the inner softer side of the fried yuba.

Service #

The service is similar to any other Japanese restaurants that we have visited in the area. The staff were very friendly and the dishes were served to us relatively quickly

Menu 1
Menu 1
Menu 2
Menu 2
Menu 3
Menu 3