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Ranburu Restaurant (らんぶる)

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Introduction #

  • Name of Store: らんぶる
  • Address: 〒 321-1406 Tochigi, Nikko, Matsubaracho, 12 −3
  • Payment Method: Cash only
  • Languages Spoken: Japanese and English (Limited)
  • Website: N/A (There is a facebook page though)
  • Opening Hours (On Google):
    • Weekdays: 10am - 5pm
    • Weekends: 10am - 5.30pm
    • Note, we went on a Tuesday afternoon and the closing time was at 5.30pm (You can try your luck between 5pm to 5.30)

This place has 3.3 stars on Google Reviews.

Do note that the name of the restaurant will not be displayed in English but the full Japanese letters (らんぶる).

My Experience #

During my December Trip to Nikko, Japan, my girlfriend and I dropped by the diner after our 1st choice place was closed.

The place has a wide variety of Yuba based items within the store.

We ordered the following:

  1. Yuba Ramen: 1210 Yen
  2. Yuba Sashimi: 750 Yen (Vegetarian)
  3. Chicken Katsu: 1320 Yen
  4. Xiao Long Bao: 680 Yen

The store had a few other patrons other than us.

The store is located very close to the Nikko Tobu Station. If you are passing by the station and are looking for a place to eat, feel free to visit this spot. Feel free to take a look at the Menu below.

Yuba Ramen #

Yuba Ramen
Yuba Ramen

This soup taste is strong, the noodles are chewy and has a very nice texture. The Yuba seems to be seasoned, and the texture is soft and silky.

It is definitely recommended for anyone who wants to try out Yuba Dishes in Nikko.

Yuba Sashimi #

Yuba Sashimi
Yuba Sashimi

This dish is vegetarian.

The Yuba sashimi comes with Wasabi. Yuba tastes like soy (milk?). However, the texture of the dish resembles that of Salmon Sashimi which is very smooth and chewy.

Chicken Katsu #

Chicken Katsu
Chicken Katsu

This dish consists of 4 parts:

  1. Chick Katsu
  2. Miso Soup
  3. Rice
  4. Pickled Vegetables

The Chicken Katsu was not up to standard compared to other japanese stores in the area. The chicken was very thin and the batter was very bland.

The texture is crunchy which is a kind of a waste, If the chicken used was more, it would have been a great tasting katsu. The Katsu also did not come with any sauces which makes the dish come across as dry.

The Salad that comes with the Katsu is also very

The rice and the miso soup is pretty nice.

Overall, I will rate the dish 5/10.

Xiao Long Bao #

Xiao Long Bao
Xiao Long Bao

The skin of the Xiao Long Bao, is on the thicker side. Each of the buns has some soup inside which is quite tasty.

I would recommend eating this with Vinegar.

This will be a solid 6/10.

Conclusion #

Overall, I will not recommend this store if you have other options to choose from. If you do have to eat at the store, I will recommend the Yuba dishes rather than the Chicken Katsu

Menu 1
Menu 1
Menu 2
Menu 2
Menu 3
Menu 3