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Orbital (Artemis Level): Space Invaders

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Team name: Space Defenders

Level of achievement: Artemis

Project poster

Objectives: #

  1. Make a Space invaders game
  2. Make use of AI to play the game decently.
  3. Combine them together for more immersive game play experience

Tech Stack #

  1. Game play and Graphics
    • Pygame: Used for making the game and the animations
  2. AI and Data Science Technologies
    • Actually used in the game
      • Numpy: Fast Array Computation
    • Used for gym invaders extension
      • Gym: For making the AI agent for the game
      • Pytorch: Provides the Neural Network Infrastructure
      • Matplotlib: Visualizing Data and Debugging
      • OpenCV 2: Image Preprocessing and video playback
  3. Optimization Technologies
    • Sockets and pickle: For sending data across the network
    • Multiprocessing and Asyncio: Running stuff in parallel to make them faster
    • Sqlite3: For storing items in the databases
  4. Software Engineering
    • PyUnit: For unit tests
    • cx_Freeze: Compilation of python to executable

Development RoadMap #

Road map for development
Project Road map

Proposal #

  • Link to proposal : here
  • Orbital main webpage: here
  • Orbital projects page: here

Contributors #

Project Log #

Program Flow #

Program flow image
Program Flow