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If you have any other additions / any other inquiries about other roles and the relevant companies, please reach out to me on Linkedin.

  1. General Bytedance Referral

Internship roles #

Roles with referrals #

1Backend SWE Intern (TikTok Privacy & Security)TikTokTiktok Careers
2Backend SWE Intern (Trust & Safety)TikTokTiktok Careers
3Backend SWE Intern (Risk System)TikTokTikTok Careers
4Backend SWE Intern (Service Framework)TikTokTikTok Careers
5SAP Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program SingaporeSAPSAP Careers
6SAP AI Singapore Intern - Full Stack DeveloperSAPSAP Careers

Other Roles #

1Software Engineering InternStripeLinkedin

Full time roles #

Roles with referrals #

The roles in this section has my referral attached to them. For anyone who wants a referral, feel free to apply through these links.

1Backend SWE (Risk System)TikTokTikTok Careers
2Backend SWE (Service Framework)TikTokTikTok Careers
3Backend SWE (Codebase)TikTokTikTok Careers
4Frontend SWE (Trust and Safety)TikTokTikTok Careers
5Associate AI Developer (Backend)SAPSAP Careers
6Associate Frontend DeveloperSAPSAP Careers
7Associate AI Data EngineerSAPSAP Careers
8Associate AI ScientistSAPSAP Careers
9Quality AssociateSAPSAP Careers
10Generative AI Application EngineerSAPSAP Careers
11Generative AI Platform EngineerSAPSAP Careers

Other Roles #

1Software Engineering, Backend SingaporeGoogle SGMyCareerSGSingpass required
2Software EngineerGrab Taxi HoldingsMyCareerSGSingpass Required
3Binary Vulnerability HunterShopeeLinkedin
4Software EngineerMetaLinkedin
5Golang Software Engineer (Tooling and containers)CanonicalLinkedin