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My Blog Posts and Stories

My Blog posts. These posts spans a wide range of categories, from entertainment to programming to just random stuff. Stay tuned :D.

Do let me know if any of the content is inaccurate / more can be added to make them better.


Proxmox: How to Upload an ISO

·501 words·3 mins
Uploading an ISO onto your Proxmox Server and making it available for use in your Proxmox VMs


My Home networking

··2099 words·10 mins
From rags to riches, the networking story.

Home Lab: Pi Hole

··851 words·4 mins
Setting up Pi Hole

My Job Search

··695 words·4 mins
My Job Search journey and statistics

Home lab: Traefik

·1372 words·7 mins
Setting up a base to your different services