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How I got jebaited by AWS

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Free hosting?? #

In my previous posts, I have been talking about how to get a free domain, free certificate, etc. Now its time for the juicy part. How to get a (maybe free?) server to host your files on :D

After some time in school, I’ve come to learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS). Apparently, it is a very big thing in the cloud space (Totally did not know until recently oops ><). What interested me was that it can host servers for free (I hope)! As the noob who don’t know what I am doing, I decided to consult google (Ah my best friend indeed) on how to set up an account on AWS and start using dem free servers.

Signing up #

Signing up for AWS was such a hassle ><. I filled up my personal information and accept the customer agreement (Which I TOTALLY 100% read) and clicked on next.

What is this?? They request for payment information anyways?? (Partially Rip my hope for making a free server host my website) Welp what to do. Since I’m already here I might as well key in my information and see what I can get right? They can’t charge what I didn’t use right? Whats the worst that can happen? (Oh Boy oh boy I have no idea at that point of time what I am getting myself into right there. Pretty much jinxed myself)

After that I had to key in my phone number to verify my phone. (Nani? Amazon is taking my personal info too ><. They probably already have those info so what am I worried about anyways) They sent me an SMS with a code and I keyed it in.

The next part is the harder part. I had to wait for my account to activate and it might take up to 24 hours. Welp what to do? Time to go back to scrolling some memes

Disclaimer: for more information regarding signing up, you can visit here

A few dozen memes later (1 day), my account was activated and time for some action! I logged into my account and see this

Free Server :D (Yay?) #

AWS Home menu page
AWS Menu page

What a wide variety of things that I don’t know. What do I do now? Where is the setup a server button cries

What do I do now? Time for more research…… (A couple of memes (Page does not exists anymore) later)

Amazon EC2’s t2.micro is available for free tier to use! Good news! Finally achieving that free tier dream. Without thinking much I just followed the setup procedure and established everything (Boy oh boy it goes downhill from here)

Yayy so I have created a server, right? Nope not exactly, to protect noobs like me from the horrors of the internet, they have implemented security groups to prevent other people from connecting to the server without permission (including myself cries again).

So the first thing in order is to change to policy to allow myself. It has a relatively simple interface. Just click on what protocol you want to allow and what ports to you want to allow them (God bless CS2105).

AWS Home menu page
AWS Security Groups

(This image was obtained online so pls do not try to hijack my server)

Setting up the server #

After putting in my IP address allowing the port of SSH, I can finally access the server! Now to make the server hosting the webpage that I want. Time to turn back to my trusty flask boy. Hippidy hoppedy, my website is done already!

# Test Website to put mah stuff
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

def index():
    return "<h1>Hello World</h1>"

if __name__ == '__main__':'', 80, debug=False)

Lets goo finally some real progress. Time to add more stuff right? Well not exactly X.X . After running all the updates and getting github to work (A whole other article headache to the max) It gave me an error

Welp apparently, lower port numbers are “Privileged” and cannot be run normally. Welp without wanting to delve into this I just decided to run the website at port 3000 instead. A git commit and a pull later I finally got a “website”.

Yay, it’s done! Woohoo, time to add more stuff to it in the future. You can see what the website has become here (Website is already taken down). Results may vary from the screenshot here (Hopefully its better)

Welp, it is all and good now right?

And its not #

The AWS server and I lived in harmony until the AWS bills attacked. Only my money, the amount fit for the bills to be paid can save the world. When he was needed the most, he disappeared (and was sent to AWS).

Well well well I was charged a whopping $7 Shyt that’s like 1-2 chicken rice!! Got jebaited so hard…….

Welp, so now I am trying again and hope that it doesn’t charge me as hard (Pls pls pls I’m a student using free tier. Pls don’t do this)

Got jebaited so hard >.< and I really thought I can get away with it for free ><. Hopefully, if I manage to do it I will do an update in a future blog post.